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Tucked away at the feet of True and Norton Mountains in Industry, Maine, our sugarbush has been cared for and harvested since Mark was just a kid. Working with and among the trees has been one of the highlights of growing the business, and we never stop being amazed at what the forest teaches us. 

Over the years, we've grown from a tin-bucket operation to more than 3,000 taps that produce between 600 and 1,000 gallons of syrup annually. Using a wood fired evaporator and bottling the finished syrup in glass, we share a high quality maple syrup, one that reflects the pure beauty of the sugarbush.

Our syrup has been transformed into everything from Maine-grown crystallized maple ginger candy, to sauces and glazes at local restaurants. Despite a neglected social media account we work hard to sweeten the local community through collaborations,

sugarbush tours, and endless syrup experiments. 

Our hope is that with a glass bottle of True Mountain Maple Syrup on your shelf, you will see the beauty of whatever nature surrounds you, and feel the importance of caring for the land that provides so much for us. 

May you be well!

Kim & Mark 

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